Rub some mud in the man's eye with subversive ANP gear.

One day this sidebar will be used to sell you some bullshit. Capitalism , baby. Feel it !



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Manifesto ?

To quote one preeminent member of the ANP:

"What kind of nihilist party are you? A fucking manifesto we don't need no fucking manifesto. I shit on you & I wiped my ass with a printed copy of this bulletin. I hope you all die & I some how benefit from your deaths. "

-- Dave "X"

That being said a word or two about the ANP point of view might be appropos ...



Politica Errata

Apathetic Nihilism is a license to deride , ridicule , chastize and otherwise criticize everything incarnate with an emphasis on the largely illogical system of pseudo-democratic capitalist fascism that breeds a corrosive cultural virus by continually shitting where it eats .

Culture is a leper that has slowly deteriorated into a decayed husk that has no recourse but to turn to its corporate jesus to save it.

Politics , money , and religion have sucked all the fun out of life. Politicians are salesmen and freedom of expression is in the bargain bin. Better get yours now ! It's going fast !