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Miraculous Union Of Church And State

The ANP has done its research. In order to exert control on the populace a political party must call upon the divine might of religion. Our research however has not yielded any results in the way of disseminating any sort of method to its madness. Considering this, the only logical step would be to embrace a religion that holds chaos and nonsense as its principle tenets. Enter the Temple Of Mumbo Jumbo. An Erisian philosophical cheese melted over steamy ANP beef. The intermingling of the memberships of these two factions has created a militia of artistic slacktivists that has come to be termed M.U.C.A.S.

M.U.C.A.S. will not run out on you in the middle of the night. M.U.C.A.S. is loyal like a loveable and somewhat dirty sheepdog.

M.U.C.A.S. will not clog your passage. M.U.C.A.S. encourages you to explore , follow your nose.

M.U.C.A.S. is not yellow. M.U.C.A.S. is headstrong.

M.U.C.A.S. is not stagnant. M.U.C.A.S. is fluid.


Trolling the innerwebz is good times. Especially when is results in something approximating art. The information superhighwaymen of M.U.C.A.S. have held many would-be travellers at bay with a confusing array of words and images while stealing with the laughs straight out of their indignant maws. And now, like a modern day Robin Hood, i give those laughs to you, the poor and wrecthed in the form of not one ...Oh no ! But two ... Yes two issues of the M.U.C.A.S. zine Membrain. A collection of some of the stranger moments of innerweb jackassery.

And now a word from our sponsor, The Highest Pope of Mumbo Jumbo, Ziggy Oddysey.

Besnark! Theesp iz ernt firgst evorp Membrain zine. Lucky numero uno ! Insidewayz weez gotz poemz & picturingz ov artwirks ! Impropergandas and gneverbeflorped tales (lies). Mostly we are just a bunch of whackos having fun and here's sumpling to read while you shit.


Election '08 : Full Coverage Laid Bare

Relive the glory of the 2008 ANP Primary Election coverage brought to you by your good friends at M.U.C.A.S. .... Ok well, we aren't really friends but kind of like acquaintences. I mean, like, don't show up at my house with to play CoD and 'chill' like 'bros' or anything. And don't don't pester me about covering the upcoming election either. What do I like look like Glen Fucking Beck? No, because my eyes aren't all puffy from faux crying . Ha. That's a joke....I think.