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Old News

Or .... Internet Hoarding

I can't let go of the past ...or my junkyard, but since I cannot lawfully put pictures of "Sanford and Sons" on the innernetz here are past articles for you to peruse. Enjoy the life-force draining timesink of the ANP vault :

Editorial : Fear

It's what's for dinner.

There's a special kind of magic in subverting the power of the masses with the iron grip of fear. It's a shrewd move if you are a super-villain , a religio-political regime , or middle management in a retail chain. Debilitating the opposition with fear is a tried and true method of assuring your place at the head of the pack. [more]

Dr. Kleetus Von Orgasmus' Re-Education Classes

My research into the human condition is without peer. To sum up its greatness in such a limited space as this would be monumentally challenging for even an erudite overman such as myself. With that in mind I shall try to open your tiny monkey brain and poke around until the sparks fly. By utilizing my techniques you too can rise above the fecal hurling knuckle draggers that pull our lot down into the muck of society. [more]



Wall Of Shame

Get your Official ANP Membership card and view the Wall Of Shame. These brave souls have done absolutely nothing for the world. We celebrate their dedication to the cause (whatever that may be) with this pointless collection of digital tomfuckery. [more]

ANP Grand Lodge Meeting Transcription #1

Ahhh The Golden Age

Election '08 Full Coverage Laid Bare

The mental masturbation of the original ANP Lodge. Snazzy pdf's for ultimate internetzing.

Doing Jack Shit For The Holidays

Exactly as the title suggests.




Passionately Indifferent

apathetic ( P ) Pronunciation Key (p-thtk) also apathetical (--kl) adj. Feeling or showing a lack of interest or concern; indifferent. Feeling or showing little or no emotion; unresponsive.

nihilism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-lzm, n-) n. Philosophy. An extreme form of skepticism that denies all existence. A doctrine holding that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. Rejection of all distinctions in moral or religious value and a willingness to repudiate all previous theories of morality or religious belief. The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement.